Step up your comfort and style game with our low, mid and high heels that are so comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off. From boots to wedding shoes, our on-trend designs have garnered over 3,400 5-star reviews.

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The ultimate pick-me-up, our comfortable heels and high heel boots are designed to support women where it is needed. If you love high heels but don’t like the pain they bring to your feet, our comfy heels are a healthier option. At FRANKiE4 we have designed comfortable heels with the aim to help support your feet and alleviate heel pain (like plantar fasciitis). 

We've spent years developing low heels, mid-heels and high heels to create comfortable heels. The Podiatrist-designed Sole Hero™️ Footbed helps to spread and absorb the pressure to avoid pain points. The gentle heel and arch contours aim to create the most comfortable base for your foot. Our high heels aren't designed to add orthotics (we do have other orthotic-friendly shoes though!), instead we have built in our innovative Sole Hero™️ Footbed to keep our heels streamlined and to support your foot. 

Our high-heel Sole Hero™️ Footbed supports the forefoot arch with its convex-shaped cushioning. Designed with the aim to help the metatarsal heads (the bones under the forefoot) feel less loaded. Crafted with a heel cradle, arch support and three layers of pillow-soft cushioning that aims to reduce pain, and help support the foot—even in sky-high heels. This combination of support, cushioning and stability stands the test of time to give women a healthier option when wearing high heels.

Our revolutionary, Podiatrist-designed footbeds are crafted with hidden layers of strategic cushioning, so your foot sinks into soft, cloud-like support with every step. Our comfortable heels for women are perfect for weddings, work, functions or parties. 

We’ve received over 4,600 5-star across our low-heels, mid-heels and high heels from women across the world. No more taking a pair of flats to work (just in case). No more kicking off your heels on the dance floor or in a taxi. We aim for you to have no more blisters, heel and arch pain or plantar fasciitis. We’ve created a range of high heel styles to suit every occasion, like our corporate heels, bridal heels, wedges, and for something fun—our animal print heels

Experience the FRANKiE4 difference and step into game-changing comfort. Browse our Podiatrist-designed heels today. We have a range of styles from casual wedges to corporate heels, ranging from sizes 5-13.

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