Custom Fit

The secret to a tailored fit lies in FRANKiE4's Patented* Custom Fit pack.
Our Custom Fit pack is included with most enclosed styles. It's all you need to have your feet feeling fab whether you are narrow, wide or a standard width.
Best of all it's super simple, all components are included in the box!
Read on to find out more.

*Australian patented Fit pack includes: Full-length Footbeds, Half-length Footbeds,
Forefoot Cushions

Standard Fit
Try on your FRANKiE4 shoe with the standard full-length footbed. This footbed has contouring to support your arch, cradle your heel, and cushion your forefoot. If they feel snug but not too tight, you are good to go!

Narrow Fit
Feeling a bit loose? No problem!
Simply place a forefoot cushion under the full-length footbed, towards the front of the shoe. This clever cushion will secure your foot and provide a more snug fit.

Wide Fit
If you have wider feet, try our half-length footbed!
This fabulous footbed offers the same heel and arch support as our full-length footbed, while allowing some extra breathing room.