Why am I different sizes across FRANKiE4 styles?

For lots of reasons, let us explain why!

Firstly, we do extensive size trialling on ALL our styles. Meaning we use real women across a variety of sizes and foot types for us to test our sizing. We tweak and tweak until we are happy with how our styles fit.  

Secondly, we want to explain what we mean when we say ‘foot type’. Feet come in different shapes, sizes, widths, thicknesses... the list goes on.. and on! From one woman to the next, feet differ by how much they ‘splay/spread’ during standing and walking, and also how much they pronate or ‘roll in’. Some feet are flat and mobile (loose joints), some are high arched and rigid, and some are in-between. All these factors effect what ‘foot type’ you have which can affect how you find the fit across different styles, different uppers and different heel heights.  

Here are some key points to further help explain why you may not be the same size in all FRANKIE4’s.

1. Not all our styles are designed to fit the one

Much like a pair of jeans; for example, you might be a size 12 in a style that fits perfectly, that seems to hug your body shape in all the right places. The cut of the jeans fits your shape perfectly.

But you may find other size 12 jeans in different styles, that don’t fit well, they may feel too loose or too tight, or too tight in some areas of your body, and too loose in other parts. The cut of these jeans in that size doesn’t suit your body shape.

This can be the same with footwear. The pattern of the upper in your regular size might not fit your foot type in particular styles. Sometimes it means going up or down a size will give your foot a better fit. Sometimes simply adjusting the custom fit components will help you find your perfect fit. But sometimes it simply means that style just isn’t suitable for your ‘foot type’. If this is the case, do talk to our fabulous customer service team to help guide you in the right direction. We are here to help you find your perfect FRANKiE4!

2. Lets talk foot biomechanics!

There are so many factors that affect what length and shape your foot is when it is in a flat shoe and also how it changes length and shape in a heeled shoe.

Factors such as ligament laxity (how loose one persons ligaments are), muscle tone, strength of certain foot and leg muscles, joint range of motion, a persons weight... the list goes on as to the variables that can cause some feet to vary in length and shape depending on what shoe and what heel height you are in. For example, if you have a high arched rigid (stiff) foot, your foot won’t splay and stretch and change length in a shoe with a heel. Whereas if you have a flat hypermobile (loose jointed) foot, your foot is more likely to splay and stretch in a high heel.

So two women that are both a size 9 in a flat shoe could be different sizes in a high heel because they have different foot types that bend and move differently when their feet are positioned on different heel heights. In a nut shell; everyone has different ‘foot biomechanics’, and here at FRANKiE4 we do our best to provide a variety of styles, sizes, and custom fit components to help try and get a perfect fit for different foot types.

3. Upper design makes

Some uppers are more ‘easy fit’ then others.
Uppers that can be ‘laced up’, that have adjustable straps and buckles etc we often refer to as an ‘easy fit’ style. These types of uppers can accommodate a range of foot types within a size simply by ‘tightening’ or ‘loosening’ the uppers through the laces/buckles ect. But sometimes, with some of our styles, we don’t want laces or Velcro straps or buckles. These styles will be more suited to a particular foot type.

Sometimes going up or down a size can enable a better fit for your foot, but sometimes this particular style is just not suitable for you. Much like a pair of jeans, you may be a size 12 in a style that has an elastic waist or a belt feature. But, in some jean styles in the same size that don’t have these adjustable features, you may not fit them as well.

4. Upper Material

Our footwear is made with fine leather uppers and leather lining. We use a variety of leathers with different finishes, looks and colours to keep the range exciting for you. Our leathers are purchased from tannerys by way of buying skins. Each skin varies from another. No two can be guaranteed to have the same properties which is expected because it is a natural material, and not a man-made material.

But what this means is that across our styles, and even between different colours of the same style, the fit may vary slightly. Some leathers are softer, some are stiffer and some stretch around pressure areas more than others. In a nutshell, leather uppers may cause a variance in fit.

5. Cushioning and weight affects fit!
And our shoes are packed with cushioning!

Hard to believe right? Well we think it does make a difference to fit and here’s why! Our footwear is jam packed with cushioning. Compared to the standard fashion footwear shoe, our footwear feels like you are walking on clouds! Did you know in many styles we have more than 10mm of cushioning hidden under your precious feet? Yep, we do! The cushioning affect is possible by the compression of the soft materials of the sole and the footbeds under your foot with each step. This is normal and how we design our shoes, and is one of our points of differences compared to other footwear brands.

Depending on your weight, and how soft or thick the sole and footbeds are for each style, will affect how much your FRANKiE4’s will compress under your foot during standing and walking in them. The more compression under your foot, the more space you create between the upper of the shoe and the bottom components of the shoe, which may change the space within the shoe and can affect how it fits. .

In summary;
Not all of our styles are designed to fit the one ‘foot type’. We have the custom fit assembly to help you perfect the fit for your individual foot. Sometimes going up or down a size can assist in finding the best fit for you.
We are here to help you find your perfect pair, please reach out to customer service team if you need.