Doctors, nurses, all medical professionals - this is for you!
At FRANKiE4, we appreciate how hard it can be tending to others while on your feet all day - and on super long shifts, at that!

Your body is precious cargo and wasn’t designed to be standing on hard, flat surfaces all day long. Couple this with wearing non-supportive footwear, this can seriously affect your joints and your comfort.

Fret not! FRANKiE4 was founded by a fellow health professional! Our footwear has been designed with your foot biomechanics (and style sensibilities), in mind. Here’s how our footwear is different, and how it will support you from the feet up.

01. The Sole

The sole is your foundation, and a crucial part of any shoe.
So we’ve designed ours with foot mechanics in mind. Our sneakers have soles that are dual density polyurethane.
This means they sport a softer layer for cushioning and support, plus a firmer layer for durability.
Polyurethane is our material of choice. It’s lightweight and has a great memory to provide comfort from heel strike to toe off!
Perfect for prolonged walking and standing.

Learn more about the FRANKiE4 sole here.

02. The Footbed

All of our footwear includes our specially designed Functional Footbeds!
It is removable in our enclosed styles, and built-in to our sandals and heels.
This specialised footbed aims to help alleviate and prevent heel and arch pain,
plantar fasciitis and forefoot pain by supporting your foot where it needs it most.

Learn more about our Functional Footbeds here.

1. Heel Cradle

2. Arch Support

3. Forefoot Cushioning

4. Footbed made from polyurethane for whole-foot cushioning.

03. Custom Fit

The secret to a tailored fit lies in our patented Custom Fit pack!
Included in every pair of our enclosed styles is all you need to have your footwear fitting well each and every time.
Whether you’re narrow, wide or a standard width, you can customise your fit to suit your feet.
Best of all, it’s super simple, all the components you need are included in the box.
Simply take out the footbed, and replace with the corresponding components best suited to your foot type.
For those with different-sized feet, bunions, or fluctuating feet,
Custom Fit will become your new best friend.

Learn more about Custom Fit here.

1. Full-length footbed for regular width feet.

2. Half-length footbed for wide feet.

3. Forefoot cushions for narrow feet.

4. Remove all components for extra-wide feet, or to insert your own orthotic

04. Orthotic Friendly

All styles that include our removable footbeds are designed to accommodate orthotics.
But, orthotics come in different shapes and sizes, so some styles may work better than others for you.
If your orthotic is a similar size to our Functional Footbed, this is a good sign your orthotic will be suitable.
If you’re unsure, we recommend consulting your podiatrist.

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